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When I first started working with 1fitmummy, I just had my third baby in 4 years and that in combination with my hypothyroid issues made me desperate to start losing weight and toning up again to my pre baby weight. I was also clueless as where I should begin especially in regards to fitness.

I had an idea what to do with my nutrition but  that didn’t help in regards to fitness. Before using this program I would run and do cardio but again I had no clue where to begin to tone up.


I did the online coaching programme with 1fitmummy and I absolutely loved this program!

It was like having your own personal coach even though it was all online, my coach was there 24/7 to answer question or give advice.

He would even help me get motivated when I really needed it. He also gave me work out plans based on what I had available to me and assisted with diet changes in a slower fashion so it wasn’t so much at one time.

The body changes were almost instant with the workout regimen. I noticed a change very quickly in the shape of my legs, arms, shoulders, back and even stomach. I felt the changes so quickly it made me want to keep working out so I could keep seeing the changes.


I would say if you have the opportunity, then definitely give it a shot!

Most of us have tried some crazy diet’s and weight loss plans that don’t actually work so why not spend your money on something that will definitely work and will be customized to your own personal needs?


 Best part is you will be working with someone who truly cares about your success and is really a great person.

I can’t wait to start my next program

Jenna, 1Fitmummy client

I had already lost a lot of weight prior to working with 1fitmummy but unfortunately I'd reached plateaux and my efforts in the gym were no longer working. I was struggling to achieve definition and tone and wasn't really sure what to do to kick start my journey once again. My motivation was beginning to drop and I didn't know how to get it back again.

I'd already amended my diet to a more plant based one which was helping but my exercise routine wasn't enjoyable anymore and the results weren't happening. I'd tried increasing my cardio and using different equipment in the gym but hadn't had much success.
Working with 1fitmummy was completely different to any kind of training I'd done before, I've never had the one on one support before and it helped me keep myself accountable.

My coach (Anton) also introduced weights into my routine which I really enjoyed, much more than cardio.

I used the 1fitmummy app to track each workout and also to track my progress. There was also a message function on the app which meant if I was struggling or had any questions I was able to contact my coach and I was never waiting long for a response. The app also had simple video instructions for each exercise which I found very valuable. Anton offered full genuine support with an extremely positive and motivating attitude which really helped me push through the more difficult exercises.
My results were amazing!

My body has changed so much in a short space of time. My energy levels went up, and the inches were falling off. I feel strong and lean and I can feel muscles that I didn't even know existed! I have definitely found a love of strength training thanks to Anton and 1fitmummy.
I would fully recommend Anton and 1fitmummy to anyone!

Regardless of their goals, the support is unbeatable and the advice and programmes really do work.

Thank you so much!

Becky, 1Fitmummy client

Before I started working with Anton I couldn't seem to find the will power or motivation to exercise or really hone in on my eating habits in order to lose my baby weight.
In a desperate attempt to lose weight I joined slimming world which went completely against my views about healthy eating and I also joined an outdoor fitness club but only lasted a couple of months.
Working with 1fitmummyhowever, has been great.


My online coach is constantly available to give support, advice and encouragement and having the workouts planned in advance is key to actually getting them done – I’m able to plan when in the day I'm going to get them done as well as plan out what I'm going to eat throughout the day.

Also, having a personal coach to be accountable to, really kept me on track, as he'd monitor my food as well as my workouts.
In only 12 weeks I've hit my target weight by losing a stone, inches over my body and dropping a dress size. I'm slimmer and more toned than ever!
I took 2 years to lose the baby weight and I often ask myself "why didn't I do this sooner?" instead of having felt fat and frumpy for those 2 years!


I'd tell anyone who was considering working with 1fitmummy to go for it - without his knowledge, support, advice and encouragement I wouldn't have stuck to the workouts or stuck to my eating plan.

Emma, 1Fitmummy client

I was struggling to find a training programme that would help me to lose weight.

I’d tried weight watchers in the past, and lost weight, but when I stopped, I put it all back on again.


I wanted something that would help me to lose weight and keep it off, so I started working with 1fitmummy as an online client. It was really good, the sessions were fun and achievable and Anton (my coach) was always there, just a message away, if I ever needed anything.


The personal training app also made it so easy, because literally, everything I needed was in my hand.


Overall I lost around 14lbs in fat and loads of inches all over my body, I also increased my strength and general fitness and I felt amazing.


I would absolutely recommend working with 1fitmummy as an online client. If you’re thinking about it, go for it.


I really enjoyed working with them and found myself doing things I never would have thought possible

Lianne, 1Fitmummy client

I worked with Anton just before I got married; I wanted to change my body shape and only had 30 days to do it


I honestly can’t believe how my body changed in only 30 days and I can’t thank Anton enough for his help and support.


The training plan, the support and everything else he did for me was amazing and I looked exactly how I wanted to on my big day


If you can, definitely work with Anton and 1fitmummy, it will be the best decision you will ever make

Sofi, 1Fitmummy client

January 1st 2017, my new year’s resolutions – lose weight and get fit!!

Same as last year and the year before

I lasted all of 2 weeks and I was still unfit, fat and frumpy worst of all I was unhappy.
I continued like this for over 6 months, promising to start on Monday and doing absolutely nothing


My 58th birthday was approaching so I decided to change once and for all and I booked in for some personal training sessions with Anton.

I signed up and never looked back.
Since training with Anton I have lost 2 stone in weight, a total of 31 inches all over my body and got a lot fitter in the process!
I am so pleased that I joined the gym and started the personal training with Anton.

I can see the results and most importantly I feel happy and confident!

My body looks amazing and I feel incredible!


Anton is absolutely amazing and my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner

June, 1Fitmummy client

I worked with Anton and 1fitmummy before I got married


I wanted to have more muscle tone and I wanted my dress to fit perfectly.


Anton helped me to reshape my body and feel stronger, and better all over.


I wore a backless dress and I told Anton that I wanted my back to look amazing for my wedding


He made sure that it did, and I looked fantastic on my big day


I absolutely loved working with Anton and 1fitmummy and he was so helpful and supportive throughout.


It’s definitely worth investing in yourself and hiring him as you will not regret it

Stacey, 1fitmummy client

I’m not a mum but when I spoke with Anton I felt at ease. He was so genuine and he made me feel like I could really trust, and that I’d be supported, and I absolutely loved it.

I had a training plan and nutrition plan in my mobile app which made it easy to follow and at that point I didn’t go to the gym so everything I was set, was scheduled for home

Eventually as my body changed and my confidence grew, I joined a gym and I was able to take my training to the next level.

The level of service I got and the amount of help I received would have cost 10X the price if I had been a face to face client, so I am just grateful that I was able to work with 1fitmummy and that the online coaching was something that I could do

If you have the opportunity to work with 1fitmummy, absolutely do it!


You will not regret it

Nas, 1fitmummy client

I highly recommend Anton and 1fitmummy!


You will get great support and really professional help that keeps you motivated at all times!


Anton really knows his stuff and he will definitely help you to reach your goal

Karen, 1fitmummy client

I was struggling with body confidence always felt 'too thin'.


I wanted to gain more muscle and increase my size


I used to go to gym classes, thinking that they would increase muscles mass and 'bulk me up' a bit giving me more shape. And I used a nutrition programme through work, but it wasn't a very personal or exact experience.


Since working with 1fitmummy I am starting to see results and feel more body confident and I’ve loved having personal training with someone who is so knowledgeable and helpful.



Throughout my whole time of working with 1fitmummy my coach has helped me to improve my knowledge about training and nutrition, I’ve made a lot of progress and I’ve definitely gained friendship from my coach.


If you have the opportunity to work with 1fitmummy then go for it, I promise you will not be disappointed. Anton is friendly, motivational and knows his stuff!

Kirsty, 1fitmummy client
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