1fitmummy nutrition is all about enjoying what you eat.

We don't follow restrictive eating plans that make you live off salad.

We don't cut carbs and we DON'T diet.

But we still get results.

To get you started, have a look at some of our recipes below.


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1fitmummy clients don't diet, they eat their favourite foods and still lose weight

Foods like these

Want to know how you can eat foods like this and still lose weight?

And no.... it's not another crash diet, pill or shake

Fat Loss Friendly Foods (FREE Download)

In this book you’ll get –

- The exact formula for my chocolate figgy bars (yes you can still eat chocolate)

- My 6 simple principles that will help you to get results!

-On page 8, you’ll see how Chelsea lost 15lbs and was able to see her abs again, AFTER, having 2 kids

- Plus, delicious recipes for drinks, snacks, desserts, lunches and dinner that will leave the family happy and have the lbs melting off

Download your free recipe book

Want to take it a step further?

Fat Loss Friendly Foods The Ultimate Recipe book 

The free download is great, it really is.

But this is on a whole other level

With over 100 pages of gorgeous recipes for breakfast, dessert, lunch and dinner the Ultimate Recipe guide really is that, ULTIMATE

If you're serious about losing weight and changing your body, then this is what you need

With a comprehensive guide on calories, hormones, Thyroids, meal timing, the GI Index

The ultimate guide, give you everything you need to start blasting FAT from your body, all without dieting

When you purchase your copy of the ultimate recipe book, you will see testimonials from women just like you

Women who lost weight and changed their bodies, all while enjoying their meals and not restricting themselves

On page 14 you'll see how Nas lost over 35lbs to completely change her body and her shape, it's unbelievable

On page 15, I'll breakdown what calories actually are, and why that matters to you

page 23 is all about a guide to hormones and how that can impact your weight

Not to mention the delicious recipes you'll get, with more than enough amazing choices to keep you and your family happy for as long as you need

Choices such as

Mango Smoothies

Banana Yoghurt

Protein Heaven bars

Bacon and Egg Frittata

and a whole lot more


Fat Loss Friendly Foods - The Ultimate recipe guide