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According to Statisticbrain.com the number one new years resolution of 2017 was

"Lose weight and eat healthier."


Did you also know that 42.4% of people fail their new years resolutions each year.

Think about that for a second.




That's almost half the population.

Based on those numbers, there's a very good chance that you're going to fail your new years resolution which, based on the fact you're reading this, will be something fitness related.


– Maybe you want to lose fat and finally fit into those skinny jeans?

– Maybe you want to tone and firm your legs and butt?

– Maybe you want to live longer; or be there to see your kids/grandkids grow up?


Whatever the goal may be – based on those numbers, there's a very good chance you're going to fail.


But, what if you didn't have to fail?

Over the years having helped hundreds of people transform their bodies and health, I've noticed three key reasons people fail their fitness goals.


1. Not knowing what to do – cardio or strength training for fat loss? High reps or low reps for muscle gain? Can I eat carbs? Etc.


2. Lack of accountability


3. Lack of support


      Sound familiar?


What if this year you dropped the whole "New Year, New Me" trite, and actually started working toward your fitness goals?


What if you had the road map, guidance, and support to greatly minimise the chances of you failing or falling off the New Year Resolutions Bandwagon?


Then this is for you.

Introducing 30 day shape


30 day shape is a coaching programme for women that want to lose weight and change their bodies


As a member of the January shred group, you will get worldclass coaching, ensuring you lose weight and burn off all the xmas lbs in January

When you join you will also get access to the 1fitmummy personal training app where you will get personalised workouts built for you and delivered straight to your phone

Here’s what else you’ll be getting:


-Access to my results-based fat loss and muscle building workouts every single week.


-Exact instructions on what to do, and what not to do, to start losing fat and changing your body like never before.


-Access to exclusive resources that will help with your transformation.


-A community-driven support system to help keep you on track, motivated, and accountable. I’ll be in there daily answering questions and helping, along with the other members.


-Nutrition guide that will show you how to set up your calories and macros.


-Recipe books with all the ideas you could need


-Weekly check-ins with me so I can help you adjust your training and nutrition to keep progress happening.


-Access to the 1fitmummy personal training app, giving you the premium experience of transforming your body

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what to expect


did two programmes back to back and lost 18lbs


She ate pizza, drank alcohol, went to parties, went to a wedding, missed workouts and more


And she lost 18lbs


Juggled Uni, raising her son, being unwell and having assignments to complete


And she lost 9lbs


Found it strange, as it was the first time she had not dieted,but still lost weight


Like Leisha, she enjoyed it so much that she did two back to back and she also lost 17lbs



You WILL lose weight faster than if you ran 5 miles everyday

Maybe you put on weight over Christmas?

Maybe you were already carrying more than you wanted?

Maybe you hate the way you look and you want to change your body for once and for  all?

Well this programme will help you to shed lbs fast and safely

You want to see a difference in your waistline in 24-36 hours!

We don't diet and you won't have to follow a restrictive eating plan which makes you feel like you're eating cardboard

Say goodbye to salads and shakes and get ready to eat proper foods, while still losing weight!

You'll get the nutritional coaching to ensure you can lose weight, WHILE STILL ENJOYING your favourite foods


You'll also get recipe books, meal ideas and meal plans to follow that let you enjoy your favourite foods while still making progress

You will notice the difference in your waistline almost straight away!

You don't like your BODY!

Over the course of the programme you will feel your body change


You'll become stronger, fitter, healthier and feel better about yourself


Not to mention the improved confidence you will have as a result of changing your mindset

You actually want to have FUN

The sessions are always fun


Plus having the private Facebook group, ensures you are with people just like you, that are going through the same as you


People that want to achieve the same goals as you



42% of people will talk a good game, but ultimately do nothing

Don't be one of them

Don't make the same mistake

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