This weekend my partner and I had a bit of an argument


Nothing major,


But we disagreed


See Christmas is amazing as a kid


But so much better when you have your own kids to share the experience with


Seeing my little boys face light up every time he sees Santa or when we talk about Christmas day is just priceless


I’m lucky enough to be in a position now where I can do things with my boys that I never got to experience as a child


And at this time of the year, I want to do as much as I can to let my boys experience the magic of Christmas


But this week, I’d had enough


Over the last few weeks we’ve seen Santa about 5 times


We had breakfast with Santa which was great

We went to Santa’s workshop and had a train ride with him which was awesome

We went to an event at the local library with his nursery and saw Santa at his Nursery play

There was the Christmas themed baby classes

The Christmas Markets

Card making, present making, Christmas movies

And probably more that I’ve forgotten ….


I’ve enjoyed it and want to make it a memorable time for him,

but yesterday was our final Christmas themed activity


Afternoon tea with Santa (seriously that’s a thing?)


And I didn’t want to go


Not because I’d reached Santa burnout but because I had work to do


I have articles to write, workouts to plan, and business modules to work through


Being a personal trainer and online fitness coach isn’t just about turning up to the gym and training with YOU


There’s so much more involved, well there is if you’re good at your job and take pride in your job


For me personally I spend hours every day on professional development

Reading, listening, watching, and trying to improve my skill set in many different ways, from the latest on nutrition to training techniques to the human body


There’s then the time I spend, creating and delivering content, researching and writing articles and planning and building new programmes, workout plans and nutrition guides


I also spend a lot of time researching new technologies,

And more importantly how to utilise them in a way that benefits my business

This ranges from creating a smoother onboarding process for new clients to ensuring that when you click a link to get a recipe book, it actually gets sent over to you

There’s so much technological stuff that goes on behind the scenes that you don’t even know about that needs a lot of attention


All in all, I probably do more outside of the gym than I do in it with clients and classes



And yesterday I had work to do


You see I have goals,


Fairly lofty, people look at you funny when you tell them goals,


And if I am going to achieve those goals then I can’t stand still

I need to commit myself to my work,

to my business and to my professional development if I am going to reach those goals


I barely watch any TV at all any more, except a 10 minute episode of Paw Patrol with my son and I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched a movie


I have a Man Utd membership but haven’t been to or even watched a game in about 8 months or more


I don’t listen to music any more, as I now use my 90 min round trip commute, for professional development and listen to podcasts, webinars and lectures


And I couldn’t tell you the last time I had more than 6 hours sleep


But don’t feel bad for me, it’s my choice and although it might sound boring, I’m doing this because I want to achieve my goals

And when I do… it will all be worth it


but that’s the problem


So many people say they want to lose weight but won’t do a damn thing about it


They use time as an excuse but are caught up on all the latest TV shows

They say they really want to achieve their goal, but can’t pass up an opportunity to go out with the girls

They say they don’t have the money but they happily spend it on alcohol, takeaways and other stuff that they don’t really need


Now let me make one thing clear


That’s fine


I have no problem with people using their time, spending their money or going out on the town in this way


But what isn’t fine


What I do have a problem with


People who are all talk


People that don’t take any action but then blame everyone else as a result


I have a client, Rachel, who has just lost 12lbs in 6 weeks


She went out with the girls for a few drinks last week and these girls,


The same ones who shared interest in working with me when Rachel did, couldn’t believe how great she looked


When Rachel signed up (she’s an online client) I also spoke with 3 of her friends and while Rachel was ready to make some small changes and do what she needed to lose weight, her friends were not.


These same friends now cannot believe how great Rachel looks and are asking her what she did to lose weight,


Errmm she worked with 1fitmummy lol


But the kicker came when after complimenting her, they proceeded to talk about how they need to lose weight and change their bodies and they are really committed to doing it… BUT


Insert whatever their excuse was here

I’ll start on Monday, I’ll start in January, I’ll start when…….



As the Christmas period hits the average person will put on between 4-7lbs of fat


Most people will promise to start in January (the #1 new years resolution)


And according to almost half of those people 42% will fail in their pursuits of health, weightloss and happiness


If you want to lose weight

If you want to change your body

If you want to make 2018 a successful year


Take action now


It doesn’t have to be a restrictive diet, far from it,


Rachel drank alcohol and ate pizza, while still losing weight


But you do need to spend time analysing what your goals are, why you want to achieve them, and what your excuses are so that you can overcome them


Have a look at exactly what you want to achieve and plan a course of action


Time can no longer be an excuse if you’re watching every TV show and sleep 8-9 hours a night

Money can no longer be an excuse if you’re spending $90 a week on alcohol, fast food, meal deals and more,


Decide now what you want to achieve and overcome the potential excuses


That’s what Rachel did and she’s only just getting started


That’s what I’m doing, and why this time next year 1fitmummy will be bigger and better than ever


If you want to talk about online fitness coaching, click here


Our motto is we do not diet, instead you will be taught how to make smarter choices and make 2018 a success






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